Second level Prototypes

Micro 25 "R" and Series 7 "R"

The first Croft amplifiers to be built in a year. These two items are intended to be the coming pre and power combo which will be priced at £1400 each. Read on.......

The pre-amp

As mentioned on the home page this pre-amp is a hybrid design with a SSD doing the job of the usual cathode follower valve. The power supply is taken care of with two large toroids and features a regulated HT. There will be a MM only phono stage with three line level inputs

Dual mono volume control is back with a mute switch for convenience. See below for a short list of specifications*.

The new Croft prototype pre-amp

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complex output stage

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solitary SS device

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power overkill

Features and Specifications

  • Regulated HT
  • Dual Mono Volume control with mute switch
  • Hybrid Design
  • Dimensions H70mm W410mm D225mm
  • 4x ECC83 1x 85A2 (or 3x ECC83 1x ECC82 and 1x 85A2)
  • 3x line and 1x phono (MM only)

* features and specifications to be taken as a rough guide and are subject to change.

The Sound

I first heard the prototype pre-amp two weeks ago and put it up against my extensively modded Epoch SE. My Epoch sounded a little grainy in comparison and also the bass did not have the same clarity as the prototype. Needless to say that Glenn will be taking my Epoch away soon to bring it up to date.

As a guide my Epoch would have cost £2,500 two years ago at EA, and factor in the £500 or so that I handed over to Amar having it modded to SE level . The new pre at £1400 represents great value and is destined to be a giant killer.

Matt O'Donoghue

The Power-amp

The power amp is designed with a comparable specification to the Polestar III, as compared to the EA range of two years ago (in fact it should be slightly better). Power output is expected to be 50-55 Watts RMS into 8 ohms. It is a hybrid design with valves taking care of the 1st stage amplification and SS Mosfets delivering the output. Expect regulated HT with 300VA torroid.

The new Croft power amplifier

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valve input stage

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mosfet output stage

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power overkill

Features and Specifications*

  • 300VA torroidal power supply
  • Reguated HT
  • 50-55 Watt RMS into 8 ohm
  • 75 Watt RMS into 4 ohm
  • Dimensions H 70mm W 410mm D 225mm

* Specifications are intended as a rough guide and are subject to change

Full production has now commenced (Feb 2009). All dealer and sales enquiries should be directed to Glenn .

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