Croft Micro 25 version "R" Pre-amplifier

Croft Micro 25 "R"

The "R" effect! (Matt O'Donoghue)

The Micro 25 version "R" has been in my home system for the last three months. Over the years (in the EA era) I have spent a lot of money on Croft equipment and I can honestly say that this is the best performing pre-amp at this price point that I can think of. EA prices for this level of performance were about double of the current £1400 asking price. It seems that Glenn's venture into the hybrid realm in recent years have produced a circuit which sounds so smooth. For me it is the Mosfet regulated power supply which really makes a big difference to the sound. The valve purists may not like this fact but it really does perform.

As mentioned, this pre-amp is a sort of hybrid design with a SSD doing the job of the usual cathode follower valve. Glenn says that "hybrid" is not really a correct description as the Mosfet is not really in the direct signal path. Who am I to argue? It is what it is. The power supply is taken care of with two large toroids and features a regulated HT. There will be a MM only phono stage with three line level inputs.

Dual mono volume control is back with a mute switch for convenience. See below for a short list of specifications*.

The new Croft prototype pre-amp

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complex output stage

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solitary SS device

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power overkill

Features and Specifications

  • Regulated HT
  • Dual Mono Volume control with mute switch
  • Hybrid Design
  • Dimensions H70mm W410mm D225mm
  • 5x ECC83 1x 85A2
  • 1x line and 2x phono (MM only)

* features and specifications to be taken as a rough guide and are subject to change.


£1400 and is best matched to the Series 7 version "R" power amplifier also at £1400.

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