Croft Micro 25 Pre-amplifier

The Croft Micro 25 pre-amplifier

What to say? Intended to be a budget level item priced at a reasonable £700. This pre-amp delivers a very impressive performance. As Glenn's friend, long time Croft amplifier devotee and the designer of this site I have been lucky enough to have access to all of the products in the current range. In a recent listening test between this pre and the more expensive Micro 25 version "R" I jokingly said to Glenn "it's too good can't you do something to muddy it up a bit?"

Now of course that is never going to happen and Glenn gave me wry smile in response, however my comment has been backed up by others. It has already been said that if we were to put this pre in a fancy billet aluminium case Glenn could easily charge 4k for it. Suffice to say that's not going to happen either. So here it is the Micro 25, we beleive it represents the best value, biggest bang for buck pre-amplifier in the current range.

Available now for demonstration at your nearest dealer.

Stats and Specs

Valve compliment

Frequency Response


Input Impedance

Output Impedance
Power Consumption

W - 405mm D - 270 mm H - 70mm
3 x ECC83
3 kg

Phono 20 Hz - 20kHz +/- 0.5 dB
Line 0.1 Hz - 200 kHz -1dB into 100 kΩ
Phono 1 mV rms for 0.5V rms output
Line 150 mV rms for 0.5V rms output
Phono 47 kΩ
Line 100 kΩ
< 300 Ω
16 W


£700 and is best matched to the Series 7 power amplifier also at £700.

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