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For 27 years I have been hand making bespoke Croft amplifiers of my own design.

I am pleased to announce that the the latest Croft amplifiers are now in production.


New Releases! A selection of Integrateds and upgraded phono stages.

New Croft Integrateds

After what seems an eternity Glenn is finally ready to announce new products. The following have been in development for around eighteen months and the prototypes have been tested in various levels of hifi sytem. The casework is the same as before but with some new retro silver knobs. For us it's what's on the inside that counts and here is where Glenn always delivers.

Below is the new Croft Phono Integrated priced at £1000.

The Phono Integrated is basically a Series 7 amplifier but with a Micro 25 phono stage. I have been listening to it for the last week am pleased to say that there is almost no difference between it and the two box setup. So all in all great value and a convenient solution for those who prefer an integrated over a multi-box setup.

The new Croft RIAA phono stage
The new Croft Phono Integrated (£1000)

Also available is a line version, strangely called the Croft Line Integrated which is cheaper at £850 and is confgured as a Series 7 amplifier but with a passive line stage. If you are no longer running a turntable this would be a possible option for you.

The third integrated is the Integrated R also for those with line level sources only, it is priced at £1700 and is based upon the Series 7R ampifier with a passive line stage, there is no room in the case for a phono stage and it is unlikely that a phono version will be released. I am listening to one as I write this and it is silky smooth, very dynamic with plenty of pace and lots of separation. It really plays out if you have a decent source.

New Pre Amplifer

A two box pre the Micro 25RS – which is essentially a Micro 25R with better line stage, ht regulators, components, sockets and matching separate power supply box with 550VA transformers, price £2800 (picture to follow).

New Power Amplifier

Monoblocs! Yes! Series 7R Monoblocs – with better amplifier stage, ht regulator, components, sockets and terminals. £2800.

I recently auditioned a pair for three days with my two box Epoch on the front end, I honestly couldn't think of any area of the sound that could have been better. The most perfect balance that I have ever experienced in my system. Sublime! I didn't want to give them back.

New Phono Stages

RIAA R – phono stage derived from the 25R. £1000.
RIAA RS – Two box phono stage with separate power supply derived from the 25RS. £2000.

That's all for now, as I get an opportunity to photograph the new items I will update and create new product pages. Please keep coming back.

Regards, Matt.

Glenn Croft

In addition to the new products, I am also still in a position to offer a repair and modification service for my entire past product portfolio as well as other brands of valve amplifier. Please contact me for a with details of your equipment and any related faults or upgrade requirements.

My preferred contact is by email as I am frequently away from the workshop, simply click on the following link glenn@croftacoustics.co.uk . Glenn. I will try to answer all queries as I get to them.


Please come back periodically for site updates and news (last updated 09/05/15).

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