Croft RIAA Phono Stage

The new Croft RIAA phono stage
The new Croft RIAA phono stage. MM only (released May 09)

I recently got to hear this on the end of a line level only integrated valve amplifier (The Stereo 50 by Icon Audio), normally I would not have an opportunity to hear it as intended (my own equipment having a phono stage) and it seeming pointless just to run it through my line at home.

Needless to say that it performed very well giving a clean, lively, musical and detailed presentation. The RIAA is currently being distributed so contact you dealer for a dem. All other enquires should be directed to Glenn.


Stats and Specs

Valve compliment

Frequency Response


Input Impedance

Power Consumption

W - 405mm D - 270 mm H - 70mm
2 x ECC83
3 kg

20 Hz - 20 kHz +/- 0.5 dB

2 mV for 0.5 V rms o/p

47 kΩ

13 W



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